Dividend Investing

The Dividend Growth Investment Strategy: How to Keep Your Retirement Income Doubling Every Five Years

In 1944 Anne Scheiber, a lifelong federal employee whose income never surpassed ,150 a year–yes, the figure is correct!–invested ,000 in blue-chip stocks. When she died in 1995 her stocks were worth million–that figure is also correct!–and she was receiving an annual income of over million in dividends from them. The Dividend Growth Investment Strategy tells how she did it and how others can invest long-term in stock for retirement income. Over half of all Americans have money in the stock market, most of it in mutual funds. But most mutual funds underperform the stock market, and they are taxed. The taxes and fees destroy compounding of investments and diminish the retirement nest egg. Anne Scheiber’s method, the Dividend Growth Investment Strategy (DGIS), beats the mutual fund in returns fivefold after thirty years, though both approaches achieve 14 percent annual growth. This book examines and compares the various investment strategies of stocks, bonds, and mutual fun