Dividend Investing

Retirement Investing for Income ONLY: How to manage a retirement portfolio ONLY for reliable, long term Income

Since 2012 approximately 10,000 Baby-Boomers are attaining age 65 EACH DAY and will continue at this rate for 19 YEARS!! WHEW! Of those retiring today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than 16% will have a pension. All others will be taking their retirement savings with them as they leave their job for the last time. The quest for reliable income in retirement is now upon us! The days of investing to ‘beat the market’ are over! For retirees, the fun and games are done…its time, for most, to get serious about how retirement savings are invested. And what retirees want is income…reliable, growing with inflation and income that will last. The retiree wants income that will be there each month to replace the now absent paycheck. In addition, most retirees want to understand…fully understand…how their savings dollars are being invested. They want to see it. It must be clear. The days of poorly-understood ‘black boxes’, get rich plans and those ubiquitous financial ‘