Dividend Investing

Dividend Growth Investing

DIVIDEND GROWTH INVESTING This book gives all of the steps that are used to build an income stream that is reliable, automatically grows by itself faster than inflation, requires little maintenance and has low risk. With a little work, diligence and patience, this can be done by the ordinary investor. This growing income stream uses a portfolio of dividend-paying stocks. If the stocks are selected to favor only those whose dividends will grow the most, then the income from the portfolio will not only be reliable, but it will grow over the years. This growing income stream will be relatively independent of the market value of the stocks paying the dividends. So how does one pick only companies whose dividends are safe and growing? Such stocks will have strong balance sheets, consistent and growing free cash flows, low payout ratios, and other signs of financial health. That is, there are large margins of safety intrinsic to the income streams coming from the stocks in the portfolio