Dividend Investing

Dividend Growth Investing Using Elliott Waves: The Practical Approach to Better Yields

Dividend Growth Investing and how to improve the yield on cost. That is the focus of many long term investors. If you are a Dividend Growth Investor, you are probably familiar with articles that urge you to wait for a pullback before jumping into a stock because it appears overvalued. At other times, you will see analysts suggesting fundamental reasons why a stock appears inexpensive. Trouble is the market has its own mind about what it wants to do next. Is there a consistent method of determining how low a blue chip, dividend paying stock could go before the market wakes up to the hidden good news? This book offers you such a method.

Whether you are just setting off on your investing journey, or nearing retirement, or even already retired, this book gives you the tools to use a time-tested method that will significantly and positively impact your bottom line.

“Dividend Growth Investing using Elliott Waves” follows a case study method to illustrate a si