Dividend Investing

Building Wealth with $50: The 50 Best Dividend Stocks to Buy without a Broker

Building Wealth with is written for the independent investor looking for a little straight forward information about investing in stocks. In these difficult economic times preparing for a secure financial future has become an essential part of our lives. More people are turning away from traditional financial advisors and taking a more hands on approach to their investment decisions. Helping the individual investor take control of their financial life is the central theme of this book. There is a lot of information on television and the internet about investing and let’s face it, most of it is confusing to the average person. We have all been taught that the stock market is risky and you need thousands of dollars and a financial advisor to invest. Where can an investor turn to buy stocks with smaller dollar amounts? Direct Stock Purchase Plans (DSPPs); that is buying stocks directly without a broker using small dollar amounts. With many investors looking for alternatives to traditi